Some new additions to the fam… :)

So…. today was the day we bit the bullet, went for a beautiful country drive, and bought ourselves 6 little day-old chicks! SUCH an exciting moment. We’re really nowhere near ready for them, but my friend Melissa was going out to this great breeder to buy some ducklings and suggested I come with her and get started on our chicken adventure! Nothing like a bit of pressure to get those weeds & asbestos removed, and a chook house built! At least for now they can live in our laundry at night and in a spare rabbit hutch during the warm summer days! They’re SOOOOOO cute. We got one for each membe of the fam, although at this stage T & B are insisting they’re not at all interested. But I’m sure the girls will win them over with their charms.

And I have to say it’s also a little bit exciting to have the power balance change in the female direction, in this formerly-testosterone-fuelled household! Molly’s been wishing for a sister for a long time, so now she gets SIX!! That makes eight girls in the family now, in a funny kind of way. Actually, twelve if you count the mice. But then I suppose we’d have to count the male rabbit & dog, but I still think the girls win. Hang on while I add it up…… YES! Girls:12  Boys: 6  🙂

Two gorgeous girls
No, it’s not dead; it’s asleep!! I walked in to the laundry and Molly was singing the “Hush, Little Baby” lullaby to her chicken. Looks like it worked!
It’s amazing how the myth of boys always being “rough and tumble” can blown out of the water by the observation of a boy being super sweet and gentle with a baby chicken
A nice warm, cozy home (We learned a LOT about the needs of baby chickens, having never done this before!)

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  1. How sweet. Congratulations on the new additions and girl/boy ratio improvement.Jasi is also looking at the family albums, begging for a sister … your solution looks much easier than her idea! Neither is going to happen here though, short of a miracle.

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