Eternal Rainbows

Elijah Dearly Missed Deeply Mourned

In memory of Elijah Rainbow Fisher, a gorgeous little boy who went to be with Jesus last Saturday. The circumstances of his death are not yet completely known, but these things are sure: our hearts are breaking, our eyes are weeping, and this family’s pain has touched the world.

In the words of his loving mum, Lauren, just hours after Elijah was so tragically lost in the river:

“I was so blessed to meet Elijah Rainbow. 26.11.11 – 23.06.12. I love you, little one. Go with God.”

It is said that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but why look for a measly pot when you have a beautiful rainbow? Perhaps it is better to treasure the transient rainbow, than hope for something that might come later.

Sometimes there isn’t a later. There is just today.

Sometimes the days of a person’s life are many. Sometimes they are but a few.

But each day that is fully treasured will add more colour and vibrancy to the rainbow, causing that rainbow to shine even more brightly in the sky, so it can brighten the dreariest, dullest day. So it can bring hope to the rainy days. Hope of a bright sunny day.

Perhaps the pot at the rainbow’s end really does exist, filled not with gold, but with a million sparkling fragments of colour, falling from the sky as the rainbow dissipates into the sunlight, each particle containing a memory of a special moment, a shared experience, a joyful connection. A smile on the face, a twinkle in the eye, drool on the chin, giggles and gurgles, sighs of contentment, snuggles in a sling…..

Some of the coloured sparkles will scatter across the earth to touch the lives of those around the world who have loved and lost, who need some colour to brighten their dreary day.

What will be left of the rainbow will be memories of moments, a sphere of influence, and lives forever changed. The brighter that rainbow has shone, and the more vibrant its colours, the more deeply those memories will be embedded into who we are. They will be a treasure to hold onto, and they will continue to brighten the dreary, dull, rainy days.

To Elijah…. The coloured sparkles of your rainbow have touched us all. May your memory live on eternally in our lives, just as your spirit lives on eternally in the heavens.

To your beautiful family… In the middle of your pain, may you know the peace that passes all understanding.


A message from Elijah’s amazing mum, Lauren:

“Now I will learn how to comfort those who have lost a child, I will learn how to love those who have family in jail, I will learn how to be a single parent and I will learn how to love the people around me who are well-meaning but not comfortable with our lifestyle.

These are huge areas in which I will be stretched and growing in grace and love, and I embrace the opportunity to grow in Christlikeness, however painful it may seem at this time.

Know this: God is good. All the time. Of this, I am convinced.”

If you would like to get the real news, rather than the media’s version of it, you can follow Lauren at her Facebook page here.

You can donate funds to support the family here. They currently have no car, and no income.

FB Page has also been set up to keep people informed of opportunities to help and support the family. We would love to have you join us.

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