Holiday Happenings

Our life is lived without regard to what day or time it is, and without regard to whether it is a “school day” or not. We just follow our bliss. The main structure or flow comes from outside activities we choose to participate in, which happen on regular days at particular times during “school terms”.

During the last school holidays, when our regular activities ceased, both my younger children were able to participate in some fun holiday activities put on by community organisations.

Declan (12) is really lucky because our local council run a youth organisation called The Loft and if you join as a member (for a measly $30 a year) you can do lots of activities and workshops throughout the year for free. These holidays, he was able to do a “segway” tour, go-karts and Tree Tops (an adventure place with flying foxes, high ropes, suspension bridges etc). It was so lovely to see him meeting up with home ed friends and joining in the activities with other teens. My son is so blessed to have a big bunch of home ed teens to hang out with.

The first question thrown at me at the end of the Segway Tour was, "Mum, can we buy one! They're only $10,000!" :)
The first question thrown at me at the end of the Segway Tour was, “Mum, can we buy one! They’re only $10,000!” 🙂
Getting helmets on before the go karting session. I’d say they all look somewhat terrified, wouldn’t you?
Read, Set, Go! (Actually, it was quite a slow start, with confidence and speed increasing with every lap!)

I didn’t get any photos of the Tree Tops adventure, because I was out of state at a dear friend’s baby’s funeral, but Mr 12 tells me that out of the three activities it was his favourite! Perhaps I should start calling him Tarzan?

Miss 9’s holiday activities this time were mostly playing with friends. Talk about mother guilt! You know that feeling you get when one of your children seems to be getting all the privileges, and the one who seems to be missing out is feeling it strongly? Yeah, that. I was feeling time poor and very stretched emotionally during these holidays, with a friend in crisis and lots of effort going towards trying to provide support for her, so my capacity to create exciting opportunities for my youngest child, to match what The Loft was offering my second youngest, was not really what it needed to be. She did end up being able to participate in an impromptu sock puppet making workshop at the library with some friends though, which she thoroughly enjoyed! And I learned to live with the reality that I can’t be all things to all people, and I will sometimes disappoint both my children and my friends. And that’s okay.

From this…..
To this!
Awww…… A “disabled dog” puppet (one of the ears fell off after about 20 minutes!)

One of the other main delights of our holiday fun was going to see Tap Dogs! What an incredible experience that was! After selling our ute to pay bills, it was nice to spend a portion of the money on something FUN! It was an extra special thrill, knowing that this gutsy male tap dancing sensation that has taken the world by storm was birthed in the very town where we saw the show.

The “holiday times” really are a lovely change of pace for us, with “school terms” being filled with more regular, weekly activities. We enjoy the opportunity to try something new. And to socialise more with some of our friends whose children are in school.

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