Molly’s First 40 Hour Famine

Molly has a strong and compassionate heart for the poor and the hungry, so when I told her about World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine (in 2012, when she was nine years old), she jumped at the opportunity to “starve herself”, so that others could eat. 🙂

Being nine (I’m writing this post retrospectively), she was permitted to fast for only eight hours and she is, strangely, looking forward to the year she is allowed to do the full forty hours! She’s certainly braver than me!

She got through her day without food quite well, even managing to visit friends and watch them eat delicious food while she sucked on an ice cube!

One particularly enjoyable aspect of it all was keeping track of donations being made to her online sponsorship page leading up to and during the famine. Well aware that only $40 could help feed a family for one month, she enjoyed working out multiples of $40 to determine, in a practical, measurable sense, how many people she was helping.

Towards the end of the famine, she had a timer set on her iPod in readiness for the countdown, I arranged some party poppers to help create a festive atmosphere, and she chose organic frozen blueberries as her “first food”.

40hrfamine2012-1 40hrfamine2012-2 40hrfamine2012-3

Would she do it again? YES! 🙂

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