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I love that my boys don’t think sewing is for sissies girls. When they need something mended or sewn, they don’t just throw the item at me, expecting me to do it “because I’m the Mum”. They are totally willing to get involved with making it happen. Today my fifteen year old son wanted me to help him sew around the bottom of some jeans he’d just cut off, so they would fray just the right amount but no more. He helped me set up the machine, wanted to re-learn how to thread a bobbin and the machine itself, helped match the cotton, did a practise run…. and then happily let me do the actual stitching on the real deal. 🙂

Helping stitch a hem on 15yo son's jeans
The sewing of the jeans….. Minus the 15yo who did NOT want to be in the photograph thank you very much!

I find that whenever I get the sewing machine out, the kids gravitate to it like moths to a flame (I obviously don’t get it out very often!). So next up was Mr 12 who wanted to sew a cover for his iPod. We spent some time looking at fabrics in my overflowing crate (well, it had been all nicely stuffed in there with dust all over the lid, and when we opened the aforesaid lid it all popped out a bit like a jack-in-the-box! I obviously don’t get my fabrics out very often either!). We ended up deciding to cut some fabric off an old polar fleece blanket we no longer use much, and then he came up with a really creative idea to do two layers of fabric, with some funky green striped cotton (from some old curtains) as the outside layer. So, with creative juices a-flowing, we got to work. Well, it was mostly him actually, with me watching and guiding. And he didn’t mind being in the photograph either….

Declan sewing his first iPod sock
iPod Sock Creation Number One
Not such a perfect result
Whoops! Not such a perfect result. We didn’t allow enough “give” in the outside non-stretchy layer, so the inside layer was all squished up. But we had fun trying!
Success at last! We went for the simplified polar-fleece-only version (with polar fleece cut from the bottom of an old blanket – my older son’s toes might be a bit cold tonight!). And yes, I know, he looks kinda scary and as though he’s going to eat it, but what can you do? 🙂

An idea was birthed during the sewing process, of making and selling a bunch of these as a little business. Why not? We talked about the necessity to purchase materials and factor that into his “profit” and he’s keen to give it a go, so we’ll see where it takes him. I always thought his first business would be some kind of computer work, but it seems it may involve a sewing machine! 🙂

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