Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time there was a girl. She dreamed of being a mum when she grew up, and never doubted that her dream would come true. She eventually fell in love, got married and after a few years they decided to start a family. They dreamed of many children, born close in age so they could grow up as friends, but when at first no babies came along she began to wonder if her dreams would come to nought.

Eventually they were delighted to discover that they were in fact going to have their first baby, and the dream that had been but a flickering hope, began to grow into a solid reality. Their firstborn son, Travis, decided that he liked life in the womb and seemed to have no intentions of departing, even in spite of a major car accident. He was eventually enticed, with the help of much medical intervention and many, many hours of labour to depart his warm and cozy home, and begin his life in the big wide world.

His birth was certainly not the natural one they had hoped for, but nonetheless they were ecstatic to welcome their not-so-little one into their loving arms, and so their life as a family of three took its next step.

In keeping with their desire for a large family with children close in age, they were soon pregnant again and once more were beyond ecstatic at the thought of expanding their brood. The positive pregnancy test was kept in a special box, along with other treasures for safe keeping. Big brother loved to cuddle his mum’s tummy and talk to the baby. They took photos of different places they went as a little family of 3.5 people.



Filled with desire for a more natural birth this time, they attended a local birth centre where the lovely midwives provided personal, professional, womanly care and attention. They felt particularly comfortable with one midwife who soon became their favourite, and they hoped that she would be the one to attend the birth of their much-wanted baby.

At 41 weeks gestation, during an ultrasound, it was accidentally discovered that this baby was also a boy. They were so excited that their firstborn son was going to have a little brother. From that moment on, they always called him Cody and he became a very real part of their family, especially for Travis, who even learned to say his name, and used to kiss his mummy’s tummy all the time and say, “Cody“.

The news was kept secret, except for one little slip up to a dear friend who had just given birth to her second son. It was so exciting to think that they were going to have little boys born just two weeks apart, especially because 21 months earlier they had both had boys born three weeks apart.

This baby, it seemed, also preferred life inside the safety of the womb. Much gentle and natural coaxing was undertaken to encourage this little one to take the journey, but it seemed to be in vain. Another induction was reluctantly booked in, but fortunately labour began in the nick of time and the excited call would soon be made to the Birth Centre advising that the birth was imminent.

The parents held off until midnight before making the call, knowing that their favourite midwife would be starting her shift at that time. It was a dream come true to have this woman as the birth attendant for the delivery of this longed-for child.

Care was arranged for Travis, and the parents drove excitedly to the Birth Centre. It was warm, cozy, friendly, and everything they had hoped for. The labour too, was a beautiful experience and the parents felt so supported by the midwife in their quest to bring this child into the world using only natural means.

After a brief three hour labour, the baby made his appearance, weighing in at a hefty 11 pounds 6 ounces. Their dream had come true! A natural birth without intervention, in the Birth Centre, with their favourite midwife. What a contrast to their first, lengthy, induced, medicalised birth!

The parents were absolutely thrilled to welcome their little boy into their arms at last, naming him Cody Luke.

Cody: of Irish/Gaelic origin, meaning “helper”
Luke: of Roman origin, meaning “light” or “giver of light”

Cody Luke. A dream come true. They thanked God for his life, talked to him, stroked his face, and made lots of joyous phone calls (at 4am!!). His mum sang him a special song that she had made up. They eagerly anticipated that beautiful moment when they would be able to introduce Cody to his big brother. Happy happy times!

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