Zoo Keeper for a Day

One of Molly’s dreams came true recently, and she was able to participate in a program at Taronga Zoo, for eight to twelve year olds, called “Zoo Keeper for a Day”.

She had the BEST time, although it was hard at first not knowing anyone else in the group. She had wanted me to hang around for the day, but it wasn’t “allowed”, which really irked me. And her. But she was very brave. The way our culture separates the children from their parents for so much of their childhood seems so…. unnecessary!

So I ended up paying too much money to wander around the zoo for the day, hoping for a glimpse of my daughter. I never saw her once!

But I did have a lovely lunch!
And I enjoyed a lovely view!
And I discovered that low flying aircraft get a lovely view of the toilet cubicles!
And I said hello to some lovely giraffes. Aren’t they gorgeous?
And at the end of the day, I was reunited with my lovely, dirty, hot, happy, exhausted girl! She had been able to go behind-the-scenes in the Roo Yard for food preparation and feeding followed by “poo” raking. She had made an enrichment toy for an animal and conducted a health check on a lizard. She had been able to go behind the glass of an animal enclosure and experience what it was like to have people stare at you! And all up, she just had an awesome time. And she got to keep the shirt. 🙂

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  1. Great photos! I love the giraffes too, and of course I love Molly. The meal looked very nice and the view was fantasitc! And I got to hear about it first hand at the end of the day!

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