Connecting Devices

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You know that meme that was going around challenging people to place all phones, iPods etc on the table when eating out at a restaurant, and the first one to pick up the phone had to pay the bill? Well, we roll differently in our family! If someone is texting a friend, it is because they have something to say! Sure, we may have a bit of a joke about it, and humorously suggest that they talk to us instead, but for the most part we don’t see phones or other devices as the enemy.

In fact, we like to have a bit of fun with them! Instead of these devices being a source of tension, judgment or division, they are more likely to be a source of fun, laughter and connection. The image above is from a recent family meal at a restaurant. My oldest son in the furthest part of the image is looking for a funny video he wanted to share with us. My husband and one of my other sons are sharing a laugh about something on my iPad. My other two children and I were eagerly waiting to have a look as well.

The phones and iPad became tools of connection, not disconnection.

Life is what you make it. 🙂

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