Hello Victoria!

A mistake on my calendar meant I suddenly had one less day in which to get everything packed up and ready for the removalists. It was a mad scramble and very stressful and I am so thankful for my amazing family and for friends who pitched in to help!

Before we knew it, the moving trucks were parked out the front ready to load up. I hadn’t slept all night and still wasn’t ready, but managed to somehow get through it all. Poor Geoff had only had a couple of hours sleep during the night and I fortunately managed to crash out for an hour or two on a mattress on the floor of our bedroom, while the moving guys were in the house labelling everything that was to go. Fortunately they waited to label the mattress until I woke up!


Suddenly our big move was upon us!! Our furniture and belongings were on their way, and it was time for us to follow!! The younger kids and I headed off first, so we would be there in time to greet the truck in a couple of days. Geoff and Brady were staying behind to finish a few things and clean up, and Travis was going to be helping and preparing his own move.

And suddenly it hit me. This was really happening! I was harbouring occasional doubts and fears, but knew that this was the moment for embracing our choice and moving forward. So as we drove off and passed familiar landmarks, we called out loud goodbyes from the windows…. whilst simultaneously feeling a sense sadness in our souls. It’s amazing how excitement and sadness can dwell together.

IMG_9362First stop was my mother’s place, for an overnight stay. We were only three hours into the journey but I knew that was all I would manage the first day because I was just so tired, plus we were travelling with a dog. It was also a good opportunity to say goodbye to my Mum. The worst part about the stop was when Molly got woken up by a spider biting her! She is terrified of spiders at the best of times, so this was an incredibly challenging experience but the kids handled it well and managed to kill the spider and then came straight to me for support and help. Do you want to see it? 🙂

Mum was a generous, gracious host  – as always – and it was hard to say goodbye, knowing that we would now need to do a plane trip or a full day’s driving to be able to see her. We have also left behind our entire extended family on my side, most of whom live in the same town as my mother. It is good to know she has them nearby, but I am also painfully aware that I won’t be there. We have promised Mum that we will fly her down as often as she wants to come, so we can at least look forward to some fun adventures when she visits, and we can discover Melbourne together! Apart from that, she is an amazing long-distance Nanna, Mother and Mother-in-law, so that will help, too.

No sooner had we left Mum’s than the rain started to pour down. Simultaneously, one of our windscreen wiper blades started to come loose. Three times I had to stop in the rain on the side of a very busy freeway with semi-trailers hurtling past at high speed, to try to fix it. Eventually, one of the clips blew off and we were totally without windscreen wipers, at which point we made a quick dash for the closest store hoping to find help. We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere and the little tiny convenience store didn’t seem at all promising when the lady behind the counter could barely understand English and did know what a “windscreen wiper blade” was. Fortunately her husband was a kind, if somewhat unusual, man, and he not only did a creative makeshift job, he didn’t charge me for his time or the blade. Good samaritans can be found in the most unexpected places!
One thing we’re looking forward to about Melbourne is cooler weather (yes, I know, we’re strange) and we sure knew we were heading south when we stopped to let Lucy (our dog) out for a stretch and a wee at Goulburn. I realise it won’t be this cold all the time, but goodness me we were feeling it in our bones!
Declan's photo from out the car window at Goulburn (edited on Instagram)
While I was having a little sleep in the car, Declan took this amazing shot out the passenger window. I love the contrast between the black and white in the mirror and the colours behind it. We likened it to how you see the most colourful view when you look ahead rather than looking back to the past. A very pertinent thought as we embrace the upcoming changes.
Our very blurry photo of the border crossing into Victoria. It was late, we could hardly see the sign and we were driving with another car close behind us so this was the best we could do. Not quite the spectacular grand entrance we had been hoping for, lol!
This isn’t a border crossing photo, but it is definitely photographic evidence that we had arrived in Vic!
Declan, Molly and I all agreed that we loved this road trip, enjoying good conversation, frivolity, great music, and awesome scenery along country roads like this one.
For my American friends 🙂

We had one more overnight stop with our wonderful friends, the Schlosses, and got a double bonus because the lovely MacKay family from “Wheel Education” were staying there in their bus, too!

Beautiful cake made for us,by our beautiful friend
Before we could leave, we were treated to this beautiful carrot cake, lovingly made for us by Molly’s dear friend, Maddie.
Lucy was a great travelling dog!
We had been a bit worried about how Lucy would go on such a long trip, thinking she would be alert and possibly unsettled for a lot of the way…..
Sleepy dog!
But she actually did a lot of this……
Gangster Lucy
And even this! (Although if you look closely you’ll see that she’s actually QUITE alert under her gangster disguise!)

Next stop: Melbourne, and our new home!

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