Settling In

After our first night in our empty house, things were about to get a whole lot more cluttered! With the truck arriving 30 minutes earlier than expected, I was not only without coffee making facilities, but also without a take away coffee. And it was 6.30am. Oh dear!

We’ve never used a removalist company before, and wow! How amazing they were! Although it would have been much nicer if they’d brought me coffee!

Before we knew it, the multitudes of boxes that had surrounded us at our old house were now surrounding us at our new one! And it was only me, two kids and a dog there to unpack it. I did offer the removalists my undying love and affection if they would just stay and unpack everything for me……

Fortunately, I received offers of help from my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law, and even from a friend I’d never actually met! It was such a strange and wonderful thing to welcome her to my new home and meet her face to face at the same time. We had chatted so much online through a common interest group, and now here she was bringing me practical help and good conversation that wasn’t typed on a keyboard, although I was somewhat tempted to communicate via iPads across the kitchen bench! They were all so incredibly helpful in getting the initial unpacking of my kitchen done and helping me find a bit of floor space to walk on! They even brought coffee, which is more than I can say for the removalists. 🙂

The joy of a drive-through coffee shop up the road! (Not sure about the straw though?)

The next day the kids and I continued unpacking and trying to make some sense of all the mess. One of the boxes Molly was particularly delighted to open was filled with board games, which proved to be a great way to connect in the midst of the chaos. The problem was that I was so incredibly tired, I kept falling asleep in between each one of my turns!

My sleepiness was apparently a brilliant source of amusement for the kids, and they even managed to capture quite a few videos of me snoozing and then being suddenly woken by some trick of theirs!

Then, finally, at the end of the day, 48 hours after our arrival, Geoff and Brady arrived in Larry the Laser, who had done a stellar job of towing a heavily ladened trailer over 1,000 kilometres! Even Molly’s three pet mice survived the trip. AND they stayed in their cage, much to Geoff and Brady’s delight!

The human family members weren't the only ones delighted to greet Geoff and Brady upon their arrival!
The human family members weren’t the only ones delighted to greet Geoff and Brady upon their arrival!
Our first night “together” in our new home was actually only 5/6ths of our family, with Travis having chosen to stay in Newcastle. And, to make it particularly poignant, the day Geoff and Brady arrived was Travis’ 20th Birthday! We celebrated in his absence with some take away food at the coffee table because we didn’t yet have cooking supplies set up or even a dining table!!) It was super nice to have Brady and Geoff back with us, but sad to be missing Travis. It sounds as though he had a pretty fun night with his mates though!
Gradually, gradually, things started to look a little bit like home.
We went op shopping for treasures and furniture
Buying drive-through coffee on the way – of course!

One of the expected surprises at the new house was that there was a basketball hoop set up in the backyard. Molly in particular had wanted one for awhile, and there was one already there! The kids quickly discovered that our little rebounder was a lot of fun to use when shooting hoops!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like home. 🙂

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