From Jitters to Joy

JITTERS – nervousness; a feeling of fright or uneasiness
JOY – the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation

Molly. Sweet, sensitive, compassionate, yet also proud to be a gutsy girl (not a girly girl, she will confidently tell you!). She dreams of being a famous actress and singer (and an animal rescuer, thinking that maybe her fame could help save more animals, so she can tick both boxes). She recently did an 8 week drama workshop with some other home educated kids. She was SO excited! However, after the first week she was unsure about returning to classes because she was the oldest and tallest, and had felt that the class was a bit “babyish” for her. I communicated her thoughts with the drama coach, who listened with understanding and compassion, and responded with a helpful strategy to use Molly as a bit of a leader in the group.

She ended up enjoying being a bit of a leader amongst the younger (and definitely SHORTER!) kids

The “showcase” at the end of the 8 week program soon crept up, and the nerves set in! She was very adept at explaining to me just how she felt: that strange mix of excitement and terror! Yet she bravely got up there, threw herself into it, and had an absolute ball!

The part of the showcase she had been most nervous about was a two-person skit called “Petter Popperkosh and the Mean, Ugly Troll”, mainly because it was her first time ever performing on stage where she had to say individual lines out loud. She had actually wanted to play the part of the troll! At first, when she found out she was “Petty Popperkosh” she was bitterly disappointed (and very worried she’d have to wear a dress!), but she soon embraced the reality that being in a production doesn’t always equal getting the exact role you want, and she gave the character her own “tough chick” spin.

She got to stand up to a “mean and ugly troll” with gutsy girl power 🙂

It was so lovely to see her blossom and grow in confidence through this experience, and to make new friends, even though they were younger than her. I do love the way that home ed kids happily play with such a mixed age group of friends. Just like most adults do!

They did some made up plays and improvisation as well, and basically had perhaps more fun than the audience did!
There’s some of that fun I was talking about!
And ended up, of course, with the all important certificate of achievement. Personally, I think the classes themselves and, of course, the performance, were a great achievement in themselves.

The Channel 10 News

Declan’s been having lots of fun with the camera today, and it developed into an idea of him being a news reporter that mysteriously disappears while filming the news. I found him, with the camera set up and recording. He was “everything”: the camera man, the news reporter and the editor. We all ended up getting involved (well, everyone except Geoff, who is at work, and Travis, who is, as usual, at the beach). Brady masterfully helped develop the script to include himself and Molly and I got the job of doing the filming. (Molly even decided to wear a dress and have her hair and make up done, as part of being a “Channel 10 News Reporter”!) After a few funny attempts, this is the end result. (For what it’s worth, Molly gets the “most improved” award for the contrast between her first attempt, which included a very delayed entry of her only line and off-stage giggles during the fight scene, through to a very “polished” performance.) Look out Channel 10, your replacements are on their way! And look out Declan, the Mysterious Masked Man is on his way too!