Message in a Parachute

You know the old “message in a bottle” scenario? Well, today I got a message by parachute. A message of love. A message I really appreciated hearing right now. I was busy in the kitchen and heard a sweet little voice from upstairs calling out, “INCOMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!” I looked up and saw her toy parachute flying down from the upstairs balcony. The little parachute dude was wrapped up in a special paper blanket, sealed with many, many staples.

Mr Parachute
Mr Parachute
My "Message in a Bottle - I mean, Parachute" :)
My “Message in a Bottle – I mean, Parachute” 🙂

After opening the message and having a big squeezy hug, I was asked to wait a minute while a second message was delivered. I had a fair idea what message number two would be (can you tell we’ve done this before?). Below is the second message, together with my answer (in green).

The second message with my reply (which also had to be sent by Mr Parachute)
The second message with my reply (which also had to be sent by Mr Parachute)
Mr Parachute's Launching Pad
Mr Parachute’s Launching Pad

Isn’t it amazing how pure the love of a child can be, and how often they sense just when we need to be reminded of how loved we are? Miss 10 has so much love in her heart, and it just spills out everywhere, in little love notes, squeezy cuddles, love songs…..

I feel so blessed to be a Mum. And so thankful to my husband for working so incredibly hard to give me the privilege of being with my kids full-time, for the past twenty years.

Have you recently received a message of love, or reassurance, or encouragement that was just what you needed? And what’s more, did it come by PARACHUTE? 🙂