Horsing Around


After thinking this day would never come, we finally ended up back at horse riding again!! The weather was….. well, not very accommodating, and we thought the horses might be a bit silly like they can tend to be in that kind of weather, but all was good.

The moment of reuniting with Selwyn was really lovely
But it wasn’t long before the effects of the wind gusts had the sawdust blowing up into eyeballs, which was far from pleasant. Even “nerf” goggles borrowed from a friend didn’t really solve the problem. In view of the cost of the lesson and the fact that she’d been so looking forward to coming back, it was tempting to try to convince her to just put up with it “like the other kids”, assuming that she would end up coping and having a good time. But I chose instead to honour her discomfort and respect her desire to sit out for awhile. Before the lesson ended, she decided completely on her own to bravely face it once again (see below!) and I was so glad that I’d listened to her.
Learning to remove the saddle is all part of the experience
There’s always time for some nature appreciation on the way back to the car, enjoying a peaceful moment before an afternoon filled with friends, friends and more fun….

Horsey Heaven


Molly has a desperate desire to live on a farm. It may have something to do with having been birthed during our “Bourke Days” (when we were living in the Australian Outback) but for whatever reason, farm life is in her blood. She dreams of living in the country, owning a horse, a ute, and at least one dog. Our current living situation has us living near great friends in a lovely beachside city, and at this time it isn’t going to work for us to move to the country, so I seek ways to fulfil her love of animals and farming by taking her to places where she gets to experience some farming thrills. We recently went for a visit to a great little place near us called Oakvale Farm, taking the opportunity to make the most of some cheap vouchers we’d bought. One of Molly’s friends came with us, and they had the best time playing with all the animals, especially the baby goats. So I guess I could say the kids really enjoyed the kids? 🙂

Fun at Oakvale Farm

But today was the ultimate experience: HORSE RIDING LESSONS!

Together with about 30 other home ed kids, we descended on a local equestrian centre and had us some horsey fun! Molly was grinning from ear to ear the whole time, and she is already dreaming about next Friday. She didn’t get to ride the horse she had really wanted to ride, but she fell in love with her designated steed nonetheless. His name is Selwyn and I believe he has definitely won his way into Molly’s heart. She had to wait quite awhile until it was her turn to ride, but it was still interesting to watch the other group while we waited. The instructor could have been better in some ways, but I’m fairly confident she did a much better job than I could have done! 🙂

Finally it was Molly’s turn and it was UP…..
….. UP…..
…. and AWAY!!!
It brought a big smile to MY face to see her enjoying this moment so much!
Just another example of all that “lack of socialising” those poor home ed kids have to put up with 🙂
It was fun to ride in the open air, after being in the big shed for the lesson
Home again, home again, jiggety jig
Feeding and unsaddling the horse in the stable was almost as much fun as riding!
Goodbye until next time Selwyn!